Up to now we have been a total of ten generations devoted to the growing of the vineyards. In the last thirty years we have replanted all the vineyards and renovated the cellar in order to improve the quality of our wines.
Nowadays we have the following vineyards: 1 hectare of picapoll (planted in 1997); 1 centenary hectare of picapoll (planted in 1906); 2 hectares of merlot (planted in 1995); 5 hectares of cabernet sauvignon (planted between 1982 and 1991); and, finally, 1 hectare of cabernet franc (planted between 1984-1986). All these vineyards have been planted and grown by the family Solergibert without using any kinds of herbicides and with the greatest respect for the vineyards and their surroundings. Our aim is to get a very particular produce to elaborate very particular wines.

In the elaboration cellar there are thirteen stainless-steel tanks where the wine is fermented in the best conditions and with the right temperature for its elaboration.
The best wine of each season is allowed to settle in the cellar, where the silence, the temperature and the humidity link the wine and the wood before the stay in the bottle.
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