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First some analyses of the fields were carried out. With the results of these analyses, the best graft-holders were planted. One year later, we travelled to France to get wine shoots of cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc to graft in our vineyards. We made vine arbours and we made very small produce, which was under control and of a great quality.
In 1992 the renovation of the elaboration system was started: the old tubs, pumps, taps and so on were changed for the stainless-steel tanks. The air-conditioning wine-cellars won the battle for the good preservation of the wines. Finally, in 1995 the Denominació d´Origen Pla de Bages was deservedly given to the region. From that moment, the dream was a reality. Since then, Grandad Enric, Grandma Conxita, Josep and Teresa have had many projects which you can discover in our wine bottles. In the label of these bottles you will find our surname: SOLERGIBERT, which for many people is a synonim of tradition, quality and thrill. A life devoted to wine.
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